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How you can donate and help OUR Church

"...Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand." 1 Chronicles 29:14.

With a loving heart and a giving spirit, God will bless those who sow into His Kingdom. 

Supporting our vision means investing and enlarging in the Kingdom of God. Each dollar that you invest goes towards reaching and changing lives here in the City of Bridgeport, which is our immediate mission field, and also in the world. 

Thank you for Believing and Investing.  


ways you can Give:

Sunday Giving

Just place your check or cash in the offering during any service you attend. For your convenience, offering envelopes are available at the Welcome Center located in the attrium. You can place cash or checks (payable to Iglesia Cristiana Renacer) in one of these envelopes and place it in the offering basket.

By Mail

Please mail in any donations to :

Iglesia Cristiana Renacer

ATTN: Donations

579 Clinton Avenue

Bridgeport, CT 06605

Click the button below TO DONATE

to our Different Ministries. 

Automatic Bank Pay

This is an easy and effective way to systematically give through your checking or savings account. Simply log onto your individual bank account and follow your bank’s instructions to set up Iglesia Cristiana Renacer as a new payee.


Use the mobile app Zelle to pay church donations/dues.

Here is some more information on how to setup.

Section A

How to use Zelle app to make online to payments to Iglesia Cristiana Renacer?

If you already have the Zelle app installed or have it in your online Banking app then skip to Section B below.

  1. Go to the App store and download “Zelle” on to your phone.

  2. Launch “ZELLE”

  3. Enter your Mobile Number.

  4. Click on “Get Started”

  5. Pick your Bank of choice to transfer money from.

  6. Ex. Bank of America, PNC, Citizens Bank, etc..

  7. Read through and select “LOGIN”.

  8. Enter your “Online ID” and “PASSWORD” to your Bank Account.

  9. Hit the SUBMIT “Button”.  

  10. Select a Phone Number to verify your Identity to associate your account with the phone number listed.

  11. Choose “TEXT MESSAGE” or “PHONE CALL” to verify your account by

  12. Hit “SEND CODE”.

  13. Enter the code you received

  14. Hit “CONSENT”

  15. Confirm the information listed.

  16. Select the option” By checking this box, you agree to our E-Sign Consent, Privacy Policy, and Service.

  17. Hit “Join ZELLE”.

  18. This time, you should receive a Text Message indicating that you have activated your profile with ZELLE.

  19. Select your “Account Type” and Hit Continue.

  20. You can customize your profile with a Photo and enable Touch ID or SKIP through until you see “CONGRATULATIONS” and the word “Continue” on the screen.


Section B

Now you are Set to make your transaction with “Iglesias Cristiana Renacer” by following the instructions below.

Step 1.  If not already opened, Open the ZELLE app. If its built into your banking app, then open the bank app and open Send money with Zelle.

Step 2.  Select “SEND” Button.

Step 3. Type in 203-915-4087 and press continue.

Step 4. "Put in Iglesias Cristiana" as first name and “Renacer” as the last name.

Step 5. Press ENTER to Continue.

Step 6.  Enter the dollar amount to send and press “REVIEW”

Step 7. Please put your account number and what your contributing.

Step 8.  Then press the SEND Button.

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